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Casa Estana

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Our Own Top Ten List for San Miguel de Allende

And this may change often .... or never! But there are certain things that resonate when we think about San Miguel de Allende.

Home Made Local Goat Cheese

There lives a woman in the hills outside San Miguel who lovingly handles a herd of special goats & from them comes a goat cheese rivaling the best of France ... topped none-the-less with her own sundried tomatoes & fresh herbs. Available at Natura, or try the Lavendar - Goat Cheesecake at Cafe Rama, made with the same.

Natura Tienda Organica

Calle Nueva #7 154.8629

Monday to Friday 11am to 6 pm, Saturday 11am to 3pm

Mariachi Bands in the Jardin

Nope, it's not cliche, it's Mexico! And the customers are likely not to be gringo tourists, but Mexicans who heartily sing along to national tunes or gaze into their lovers eyes while being serenaded with a romantic ballad. This truly authentic, talented and heritage rich tradition represents the best of Mexico. In a country where poverty reigns, marvel at the handwork of the different troupes costumes, the silver conchas - hand applied, and the cherished instruments, they represent huge investments of time and money. On a good night in the Jardin there can be 10-15 bands strolling. Just do it. 

Fabrica La Aurora - Center for Art & Design

The city of San Miguel has long embraced the artists that flock here year after year. We find it remarkable that this town provided them with a place to work, exhibit and welcome visitors. An old textile factory was converted into the Art and Design Center featuring the work of dozens of artists, antique dealers, shops, designers, cafes and restaurants. It is a pleasant, flat walk from the house.

Consistently Being Voted one of the worlds Top Desitnations!

The Lavendar Project

 A unique cooperative located outside San MIguel, that through its agricultural develoment of lavender fields, seeks to create a sustainable business venture for the families in this rural area. Soaps, bath salts, lavender wands and more are all lovingly created by hand.

The Lavender Project products are featured in many local shops, and you can also visit their cooperative. They ship world wide, and deliver in San Miguel on Wednesdays if you would like to order up take home gifts that are not only special, but also doing very good work in the community.

The "It" Dish

Indian curried butter chicken breast with garlic sauteed verdolagas, spiced rice, julienned green apple and tamarind chutney. Cafe Rama!

The Jacaranda Trees in Full Bloom

If you are lucky enough to come to San Miguel in springtime (+/- April), be prepared for an explosion of purple as the normally low-key jacarandas burst into a riotous blaze accross the city. The views from the roof top at Casa Estana are amazing.

Bibioteca's Sunday House & Garden Tour

Admit it. You peek. An open door invites a furtive look, a quick glimpse into a secret courtyard. We all do it. The enchanting gardens & homes of San Miguel are cleverly disguised behind the mostly humble facades lining these historic streets. But every Sunday you can indulge your "inner voyer" by joining the weekly House & Garden Tour. The tour features three different homes throughout the city. Proceeds support local charities, and this is a great opportunity to see some magnificent proprties otherwised inaccessible to the public.

Cumpanio's European Bakery & Pastry

There is nothing so glorious as the incongruity of finding authentic french pain de campagne and baguettes in the high desert of Mexico. Mais oui! Excellent selection of european breads and more typical Mexican sweet breads and pastries.

The Saturday Organic Market

Located at the Rosewood property on Ancha San Antonio this should be your first stop for goodies! Frenchmen with homemade quiches, Argentinians with boutique chocolates, Italians with lemoncello, farmers with every variety of produce, honey, herbal remedies. Many baked goods and excellent tamales and hurrache's (the edible kind). Artisans are often there with weavings, jewelry, straw items, hand loomed rugs. A must go.