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Casa Estana

Recent Photos

Get outta Town! ATV adventures.

I have to admit, this outing showed me a side of San Miguel quite unexpected. Yes, there is waterfront property in SMA! Traveling through farms, barrios and plains. Over mountains, through rivers and streams. It was a fabulous way to see the rural aspects of the high desert. I had never driven an ATV before, but in spite of my initial nervousness it was the adventure of a lifetime! Visit the reservoir, Atotonillco, the mountains and backroads ... and see all the beautiful countryside, donkeys, herds of cattle & unexpected surprises.

 Israel can arrange a memorable day for you!

Coyote Canyon Adventures

Riding the high desert of Mexico is a unique experience & we highly recommend Coyote Canyon Adventures for an afternoon in the saddle. From 7 to 77, we have had great experiences with Rodrigo and his team.

Hot Springs

Not what you might expect in this dusty desert, but a delightful way to while away a warm afternoon. There are two to choose from ; La Gruta and El Escondido. Both feature indoor (grotto) and outdoor pools. Food and drinks are available, take your own towels, bathrobes and bathing suit. Changing area, bathrooms and food service is available - La Gruta has a restaurant, El Escondido has more of a snack bar set up. Both are about 6km ouside of town on the road to Dolores Hidalgo. Arrange for a taxi to drop you off & pick you up : agree on the R/T fare before hand. Open days.

La Gruta Restaurant & Spa


Live Music on (our) Roof!

Dazzle your guests and create a memorable dinner or cocktail event with my friends Los Compadres Bohemios. This talented string trio is the perfect accompaniment to dinner on the roof or on the main floor. They are one of my favorite special things to enjoy every year. Hour rates are 1500MXP (about $90USD). We love that their repertoire is vast and they adjust their mood and volume to accommodate lively gatherings or intimate dinners. This is one treat to indulge in! Ask Vero for details.

Golf in San Miguel

San Miguel is home to two world class golf courses & has an active golfing community. Of course, the percect weather making this a spot for year round teeing off.

Private Driver

You may have met Pascual on your trip from airport to Casa Estana, but you should know that he is also available for doing personal driving at a very affordable rate. So whether you are rounding up last minute purchases, an afternoon at the hot springs, or headed to Guanajuato for the Opera, contact Pascual. A three hour minimum is required, but the rates are super affordable, and its a nice way to run errands or shopping.

See Veronica for contact info.